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Inside the leaked police plot to cripple Bobi Wine political activities

by Odongo Christopher

Police are planning to ban newly launched people power red beret in a move to cripple Bobi Wine presidential ambition.

With the Red week campaign taking trail successfully throughout this week, police has come up with fresh measures to combat the People Power movement.

On Monday at a massively attended gathering in Kamwokya, presidential hopeful Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu announced the Red Week campaign. The move was aimed at encouraging the oppressed Ugandans to rise and express their disgruntlement over the rogue rule of Yoweri Museveni.

Police in a leaked statement claims that the Red barrets are the source of the ongoing conflict and violence purportedly conducted on NRM supporters.

The police claims Baker was nailed by People Power supporters for confidently donning in the yellow barret. “A ban will be the last resolve to hinder this violence. Red barrets should leave Kampala streets”, part of the police statement reads.

Bobi Wine’s attachment to the Red color comes from the historical significance of this color as symbol of defiance of oppression.

Time back memorial in colonial South African, the oppressed natives clad in red attires would hit their work places mainly factories where they contested the poor wages among other things.

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