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Important meeting cancelled over Rugunda’s state of emergency

by James Ateenyi

Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda must have suffered a serious emergency at Office of Prime Minister on Thursday afternoon forcing General Charles Angina to abruptly end important meeting he was chairing.
Our conclusion was reached following the emergency phone call Angina received while at Makerere College of Business and Management Sciences (CoBAMS) speaking to hundreds of students who gathered for the Pakasa Forum meeting.

Midway into his presentation, Angina got an information that Rugunda urgently wanted to have meeting with him.
Few minutes later, one of his UPDF escorts hurriedly came in with the phone and showed Angina a communication indicating that Rugunda was urgently waiting for him. It appears the message required Angina to abandon whatever he was doing and run to OPM.

“I’m sorry my beloved children I have to leave. I can’t speak beyond this because the Prime Minister is waiting for me and I have to leave now,” Angina unexpectedly announced at a time many in the audience thought his speech hadn’t reached midway.

He later picked his belongings and walked out forcing some journalists to run after him hoping he would give them interview with brief explanation on some of the points he made at his presentation.

“My brothers I’m really very sorry because I personally would be very much interested talking to you at length but I have to go,” Angina said as he offered his business card pleading with the inquisitive journalists to either call him later or email their questions to him.

“But you even know my office. Why don’t you kindly come and get proper information when I’m not in a hurry?” Angina said as his evidently stressed assistants (holding his phones) opened the door to his vehicle and led him away.

They quickly rushed out as phone continues rigging with caller asking how far they have reached
The manner at which the General abruptly left the very important meeting with majority of audience being youth left many speculating as to which sort of emergency Rugunda was suffering from at his OPM offices as he waited for him.

A very apologetic Angina asked Prof Hisale to organize another day and he returns to comprehensively address whatever he wanted to tell students about entrepreneurship, wealth creation and as well as reasons why the State no longer has capability to create job opportunities for all contemporary graduates.

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