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I’m still a virgin, Joel Ssenyonyi speaks on his sex life

by Odongo Christopher

Joel on being a virgin and looking for marriage material (Interview done last year)

It is not a rare thing for starters; there are many virgin men out there like myself, but they are not in the media like I am. However, it’s a discipline one cultivates. I for example, told myself years ago I will only have sex with my wife. I am not married yet, but when I marry, I will do it.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy; there are many temptations and more come in when you are in the limelight, but you take a stand and decide like I did that I will have sex when I marry, and only with my wife.

God helps me because I am human, because if He does not help me, [raises his voice] I am in trouble, oh my goodness!

What is wife material?

Ahhh… a woman who loves the Lord, someone who is a friend. I want to marry someone who is my friend because when you fight with a friend, it’s different because you know at the end of it all you are still buddies.

I want somebody who will understand the things I’m involved in because politics is tough. You need somebody who will understand that you will be away for days, sometimes you might even get arrested.

I would also love a person who loves people because I deal with people.
(Source; Interview by Observer, August 2019)

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