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I’m overwhelmed, Ssekandi beg President Museveni to sack him

by James Ateenyi

Vice president Edward Kiwanuka Ssekendi has announced that, he would retire from elective position come 2021 general election.

Ssekandi who is the only ruling National Resistance Movement member of parliament from Masaka district represents Bukoto Central in the August house.

Ssekandi is proud to have served Uganda as Speaker of parliament for 10 years and has been country number two since 2011 after being appointed by president Museveni.

Ssekandi recently informed president Yoweri Museveni that he is not interested in another term as Vice president and should the president decide to make reshuffle, he is comfortable serving as back bencher.

He cites hectic works and medical ground as key reason for retirement from political arena in Uganda.

Sources close to the veteran politician told info256 that, the Vice president has convinced Eng. Richard Ssebamala to contest for the seat on NRM ticket as away of blocking his former opposition MP aspirants including Masaka LC V chairman Jude Mbabaali, Batemyetto Andrew Lukyamuzi, Lawyer Majerani Kazibwe, and Matovu John from snatching the seat.

We were also informed that, Ssebamala was given millions of money to mobilise Bukoto Central constituency which he has done in just one month, and he is considered as a clear favorite over his rivals.

When DP leaders asked Eng. Ssebamala Richard whether he will contest on DP Party ticket he turned down their offer arguing that he will be on 2021 parliamentary ballot.

“Whether you give me DP ticket or not, whether People Power supports me or not, I am not interested in any. But I have to stand come 2021.” Ssebamala said.

The Bukoto Central seat has caused a lot of controversy in greater Masaka for the last three months, and it seems that DP leaders who have been claiming control, over the region are losing the position seriously. And Museveni has interest in the seat, therefore there is no doubt about Ssebamala’s victory in 2021.

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