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I was offered huge bribes for age limit petition- Deputy CJ Owiny-Dollo

Deputy Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny-Dollo appeared said they judiciary which he serve has been on several occasions oppressed and cast in bad light by the government but has remained bold.

Appearing NTV “On the Spot” programme Thursday night Owiny-Dollo said the oppression of judiciary started long before the current regime and has continued for long time.

“21st September will always be a day to remember in the judiciary because it is when Chief Justice Benedicto Kiwanuka was dragged from court, taken away never to be seen again. He is certainly dead,” Dollo said.

He added that the judiciary cannot afford to backtrack because of what happens in the past but will continue to serve the country diligently.

“We can never slide back to what happened on the 21st of September 1992 and that has since been the darkest hour in our profession.” He added.

Speaking on judges who were politicians Owiny-Dollo said several people held the same position before after holding political offices.

“I am not the first person to be a judge who was a politician. CJ Benedicto was not only a politician but also head of a political party and so is Justice Mulenga and Kanyeihamba.” He reminded Ugandans.

He revealed that attempts were made to bribe him during the age limit case but he declined the offer.

“When we were handling the Mbale petition, attempts were made to compromise me but I declined. And this is big money we are talking about, big, big money. Then an attempt was made to frame me from my office but it also failed.” Owiny-Dollo revealed.

He also revealed that the judiciary held several meetings with the state to iron out the differences with the government.

“The Judiciary has done that, we have held meetings with the State, Prime Minister and the President but the problem is thinking that every time we engage, it must come out.” He stressed.

He blamed corruption in judiciary on the local population saying they are the one who entice judges into corruption.

“In my belief, the Ugandan society is corrupt. If Ugandans stood firm and said no, I am not giving a judicial officer money then go and report, there would be this high levels of corruption.” He continues.

He added that while handling age limit petition, several attempts were made to compromise him but he stood firm and declined the offer.

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