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“I know alot” Douglas Lwanga break silence on MC Kats medical condition

by Odongo Christopher

MC Kats is Ok and stable guys no need to cause an alarm. I know lots of people are concerned and worried,Dont get too worried. What we share me and him is quiet personal and theres no single time that i have no idea whats happening in his life. I know many of you have been trying to reach out with all sorts of advice and solutions. His family , his mum and we his close friends have been with him through his past dark days and we give thanks to God that he is safe now.

Having kept quiet online about his issue didnt mean i didnt know whats going on. I knew so much and we have talked about so much with him that i choose to keep private. Even when he was in the UK I facetimed with him and his UK friends so i knew what was going on.

My Email is full, my DM and inbox too of people saying I should talk to him and with all sorts of advice. Me and him have shared alot that i dont find necessary discusing on this platform. However Thank you for the care guys. If you need to share anything with him regardless, he is Ok with it please reach out to him in person.

Lastly i personaly thank the UK team family and friends that stood by him in hospital to see him stablise. Again i say MC Kats is not Mad like some people are taking him online. Even the medics in the UK proved that. Infact his annual show “King of the Mic” is on next week Friday at wave lounge. If you really love him Fall in.

NB: The videos being circulated are videos before he got treatment. He got medical attention and thats why he is back in Uganda. Its a thing of the past so kindly stop sharing them for the love of likes and comments. Lets be human for a minute.

Thanks for Loving MC Kats. King of the Mic is Happening next week.

Douglas Lwanga

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