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Hundreds on street as new traffic lights excites city residents

by James Ateenyi

Written by URN

The newly installed traffic lights in the Hoima Oil City have excited residents. The traffic lights were installed as part of the Shs 30.1 billion road works under the Uganda Support to Municipal Infrastructure Development (USMID) project.

The traffic lights are found between Hoima Central Police station and Hoima regional referral hospital along the Government road in Kahoora Division Hoima Municipality. Dozens of people have been flocking the road to see the traffic lights, the first of their kind in Hoima municipality.

Godfrey Kukundakwe, a resident of Kiswaza in Kikuube district, says he was forced to ride his motorcycle to see the traffic lights. He says the installation of the traffic lights will help reduce on road accidents more especially near Hoima hospital, where most people tend to drive recklessly.

Robert Kabaseke, a resident of Kirisa cell in Kiduuma ward in Busiisi Division in Hoima municipality, says the installation of the traffic lights is an indication that the municipality is migrating to a city status, arguing that such lights are only found in cities. He calls on the traffic police and municipal authorities to try the public on what the different colours of the lights mean.

Willard Kyomuhendo, a resident of Bucunga in Mparo Division also calls upon the municipality to sensitize them on how to utilize the lights. Grace Mary Mugasa, the mayor Hoima municipality, says the traffic light will control traffic especially near the gate of Hoima hospital.

“You know that light was given as a social corporate responsibility by our contractor, Abubakar Technical services but we agreed that it should be put first at the hospital gate because the motorists were misusing the zebra crossing. They would hoot at people using the zebra crossing, and you know people who are using that part are weak, are sick but some of them were even being knocked. So we have put that as a regulatory measure…and were going to sensitize the people of this area. They have never seen it at least most of them who have never been to Kampala have never seen them.” said Mugasa.

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