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How MPs cornered Museveni into their 7 years term demands

by Odongo Christopher

Uganda parliament

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni yesterday  Sunday released a statement criticizing the constitutional court judges for quashing 2 years extension on members of parliament and Local Government term. The president accused the judges for not considering substances in their rulings. 

We have learned that Museveni released the statement after members of parliament openly expressed their displeasure on how he used them to achieve his target and later dumped them by not inserting enough pressure on constitutional court  to rule in favor of 2 years extension.

The aggrieved MPs led by Kasanda South member of parliament Hon Simeo Nsubuga Muwanga decided to contact government chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa to air their grievances.  In a meeting the meeting with Nankabirwa, they were frank and told her to inform the president that they are not happy with the decision of court and want something to be done.

Nankabirwa informed the members of parliament to wait until the president come back but her pleas fell on deaf ear. One MP reportedly banged the table and said shouted “this matter is urgent you either deal with it now or we deal with you in future”. A source who was in attendance told us. His statement was followed by loud cheers from the rest of colleagues.

The source added that the frightened Chief Whip promised to find way to sent their grievance as soon as possible so that their concerns reaches the head of state at its earliest time possible.

The bitter members of parliaments assured her should she fails to delivers on their concerns, they will not cooperate with her again in future on any critical matter that will come before the house in future. Others threatens that they will have options but join oppositions so as to redeem their tainted images before electorate.

Nankabirwa contacted State House immediately after the meeting to have the MPs concerns reach the ruling party party chairman.

Last week we reported how MPs were bitter with nullification of two years extensions in our story tittled MPs descry betrayal by Museveni as judges rules against 2 years extensions.

In his statement Museveni in what is considered as a means to cool down the members of parliament said they will works with MPs to ensure the amendment is done with or without the judges.

You can read museveni statements on constitutional court ruling here.

The ruling came at the time when ruling NRM party was planning to hold referendum to align the term of presidency to seven years.

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It is widely expected that the ruling party will have no option but to call the referendum in order to extend the term of elected leaders to 7 years instead of current 5 years.

Other Members of parliament have already publicly said they would re table the the constitutional amendment bill afresh to extend their tenure.




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