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How kirumira killers were traced by CMI operatives from Yumbe to Wakiso

by James Ateenyi

One of the Kiruma murder suspects, a 28 years old man arrested by Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) operatives in a raid carried out three days ago in Wakiso town in connection to the brutal assassination of former Buyende District Police Commander Afande ASP Muhammad Kirumira has confessed the killing.

Sources from the CMI stated said the suspect only identified as Muzamir was traced by operatives to Yumbe district where he has been in the hiding since execution of the mission.

“Among the telephone numbers we discovered from late Kirumira’s phone, Muzamir’s number was the received numbers and had talked to the deceased 20 minutes before he was shot dead. After the shooting, Muzamir’s phone went off.” An officer at CMI told said.

He further revealed that, the suspect phone kept going on and off and after four days it went on and was located in Yumbe District.

“We tried to relocate his number in Yumbe and again was on and off because of poor network and we decided to give him some time,” the source added.

The Investigating officer says when CMI analyzed his call data, he was connected to one police officer C/ASP Senono who is now is detention on the same charges.

“We also found out that this man’s number after calling Kirumira in Bulenga, he also called Senono and after the shooting all two numbers went off at the same time,” another CMI investigator added saying that this brought suspicion and led to the arrest of ASP Senono.

He revealed that few days ago, the GPS located the suspect to be within Wakiso where he was traced and picked.

“When we tried his number after some two weeks, it showed us that he was in Wakiso town and we rushed and picked him. We found him in a hotel which we cannot disclose at this moment,” he added.

The suspect was taken to CMI were he recorded statement and later taken for medical check up for mental checkups were he was found to be of sound mind.

“He confessed to us that he trailed Kirumira until he was killed,” the source added.

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