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How Katuntu, Alaso forced Dr Besigye out as FDC party president two years to the expiry of his term

by James Ateenyi

On Thursday last week, former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party president Mugisha Muntu announced resignation from the FDC party to start a new political party dubbed the new formation.

In today’s article we recounts how Hon Alice Alaso and Bugweri county member of parliament Abdu Katuntu fell out with FDC under the leadership of Dr Kizza Besigye 7 years ago just few days after 2011 presidential elections.

In a FDC NEC meeting, Dr.Besigye (The then Party President) presented Dokolo district woman member of parliament Cecilia Atim Ogwal as his choice for The prestigious office of Leader of the Opposition in parliament.

This choice faced fierce resistance from the top leadership and Hon. Augustine Ruzindana then urged that Cecilia Ogwal was too new in the FDC to be allowed to lead the opposition even when planning to start FDC used to be done at her Kololo home.

NEC Members also urged that the former leader of parliament Prof Ogenga Latigo was from northern Uganda and there is a need to get LoP from another region as a sign of regional balance.

Besigye bowed down and 3 names were up for choice of LOP. Alice Alaso Asianut, Abdu Katuntu and Nathan Nandala Mafabi.

On the advice of Hon. Augustine Ruzindana, Besigye proposed Nathan Nandala Mafabi as LOP and actually affirmed that it was only Nandala who had not lobbied to become LOP.

Alice Alaso Asianut and Abdu Katuntu then agreed that since Nathan Nandala Mafabi was away having taken a consultancy leave to Tanzania where he had been called to fix the ailing economy of Tanzania after he (Mafabi) had been defeated by Kadaga on the position of speaker. They agreed that he becomes LOP.

This is where surprisingly the Alaso Asianut and Abdu Katuntu battles against Dr.Besigye started. They reached an extent of boycotting all meetings (both NEC and Management) just because Besigye had not selected any of them for Leader of the Opposition in parliament.

In 2012, Dr.Besigye decided to step aside in an attempt to end the rift. That’s how Muntu became President after “defeating” Nandala.

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