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How General Museveni pinned Rwanda’s Paul Kagame in Kayihura case

by Odongo Christopher

Kayihura at Makindye court

The long awaited charges against former Uganda Inspector General of Police (IGP) General Kale Kayihura were finally revealed yesterday as he was formally charged at General Court Martial Makindye. One of the three charges preferred against Kale Kayihura was aiding repatriation of Rwanda nationals between 2012 and 2016. He pleaded not guilty to all charges read to him by court martial chairman General Andrew Gutti.

Analysts believes that this charge was a plot by Uganda to embarrass Rwanda by charging General Kayihura with aiding and abetting using Junior subordinate officer in illegally repatriation of Rwandan Refugees.

It is believes that this charge will pave way for the International Criminal Court to investigate circumstances under which Rwanda procured services of Ugandan Police and its involvement since Uganda can not try Rwandan officials.

If convicted the ICC may have to interdict Rwandan officials mentioned in this matter as beneficiaries.

It’s alleged that Rwandan Government used Uganda Police officers to arrest and illegally repatriate Rwandan Refugees who were later killed on their way to Kagali. About 550 people are believed to be victims of these errant officers May their souls rest in peace.

In May this year, a group led by Rugema Kayumba threatened to take Kayihura to International Criminal Course for conniving with Rwanda president to forcefully repatriate several Rwanda refugees from Uganda.

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