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How far General Muntu has reached with the registration of his new political party

by James Ateenyi

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) president, Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu has revealed that his is in final stage of registering his new political party.

Speaking to media in Kabarole district ahead of stakeholders meeting, Muntu revealed that 80 percent of the process of registering his political party has been complete.

Gen Muntu added that the only thing left is presentation of the final documents to the Electoral Commission for registration.

“The registration process of the new political party is 80 percent complete. We already have the name, symbols, colours, party constitution, and signatures,” he said.

Muntu in September after quitting Forum for Democratic Change had promised that his new political party would be registered before Christmas.

Speaking to media in Kabarole, Muntu added that the date for the new political launch will be announced soon.

“The Electoral Commission will first verify the signatures we collected to find out if they are for eligible voters, verify the name of our political party to see if it is not similar to the existing political parties and after we shall be registered,” he said.

On his desire to contest for presidency come 2021, General Muntu said that his priority is building party structure before thinking of presidency.

“If you don’t have party structures you cannot lead the country and our focus is on building party structures and to have other leaders who will be representing us at all levels,” he said.

He highlighted that in the new party constitution, the role of the chairperson of the party will be to build the party structure and he will run for party president for only two terms.

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