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How Erias Lukwago celebrated Kayihura charging in court martial

by Odongo Christopher

Kayihura in black cap being led to the Court Martial

Kampla lord mayor Erias Lukwago has expressed his happiness at the appearance of former police chief General Kale Kayihura at the military court martial. Lukwago who was arrested on several occasions during Kayihura reign said his arrests and charges should serve as an eye opener to all those who are serving the regime of president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

Lukwago added that it is unbelievable for regime that tortured opposition politicians is currently arresting and detaining some of their own and charging them with serious offenses.

Through his official social media, Lukwago stated that the episode looks more of the hoax than reality. Below is Lukwago statement he posted on his Facebook minutes after Kayihura was charged in Military court martial in Makindye on Friday afternoon.

Erias Lukwago: One of the horrible experiences that I will live to tell is the day I was dumped in that very dock and arraigned on bogus charges by Gen Elly Tumwiine in 2005. Until now, the possibility of Gen Kayihura standing in the same dock under the current regime appeared to be very remote. As a matter of fact, this episode looks like a fairytale or hoax to many conspiracy theorists. Any lesson to the regime bootlickers and perpetrators of oppression and impunity in this country?

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