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How Bobi Wine turned Court room into tears

by James Ateenyi

Bobi Wine alias Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi the member of parliament of Kyadondo East has been remanded to Luzira prison till Thursday 2nd May, 2019.

Buganda road magistrate, Esther Nahirwa has charged Bobi with holding a rally on the11th day of July 2018 at City Square without seeking for permission from police.

According to court, Bobi Wine did not help police to find out whether neither of the attendees of the rally had ammos and weapons.

Bobi Wine was not given a chance to be bailed since all his sureties were locked out of the courtroom.

It should be remembered that the rally the Kyadondo East legislator held was to protest the unpopular social media tax called OTT.

Bobi Wine’s statement before he was remanded to Luzira Prison

“Your honour thank you for this opportunity. I’m confident because indeed it’s not me on trial; it’s the court itself on trial. I have not committed any crime. I’m only here because I disagree with the political leadership of this country and in particular President Museveni. But my spirit is confident because I’m here not because I’ve stolen public funds or killed somebody. I’m glad that I’m here because I’m fighting for them, you (magistrate) and everybody in this country. I’m here for protesting against unfair taxation and against injustice. So if I’m to go through this oppression and pain for the betterment of my country so be it. At least I know that history will absolve me. Thanks”

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