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Horror as death threats, bullets dropped at senior govt home

Uganda Police is on a hunt for unidentified hooligans alleged to have dropped a scaring letter containing death threats and two bullets at the main gate of the Rukungiri Resident State Attorney, Mr. Richard Muhereza.

It is alleged that on September 3, a scaring letter with two bullets was sealed in an envelope and wrapped in a polythene bag before it was dropped at Muhereza’s gate.

The letter contains death threats directed at Rukungiri Chief Magistrate, Moses Kule Lubangula, Rukungiri District Police Commander, Moses Nanoka, two prominent lawyers, Mark Mwesigye of M/s Mark Mwesigye & Company Advocates and Jonathan Bwagi of Bwagi & Company Advocates.

“Be aware, we know you and where you stay. We know all your family members. We warn you to leave land cases because we are hired to kill you if you keep in the cases,” reads part of the letter.

Adding that, “Your Friends are also known, so you have to listen to our demands. These bullets are yours in soon time. We are already paid.”

Mark Tumwesigye, one of those mentioned in the anonymous letter said, the life threatening letter has put them in fear and they have already reported the matter to police for help.

Speaking to the Rukungiri District Police Commander, Moses Nanoka, confirmed the incident and said the victims have opened a file case at Rukungiri Police Station under file number GEF 006/2019.

He added that they have kept the letter and two bullets at Rukungiri police station as investigations into the matter continue.

This comes less than two months after Isaac Sendegeya, a prominent lawyer in Kisoro district was shot dead.

Sendegeya was shot by two unidentified gunmen at his residence in Nturo village in the wee hours of July 21, 2019.

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