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Heavy gunfire rocks at Uganda boarder as militias battle govt forces

by James Ateenyi

Heavy gunfire reportedly underway in South Kivu ,Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as an allied group of militias backed heavily armed battle the renowned Banyamulenge few Kilometres to Uganda DRC border.

The Tutsi _ dominated Congolese community of the Banyamulenge is found on the High Plateau of South Kivu of DRC eastern region.

Area residents report that yesterday morning Red _Tabara and Mai Mai fighters stormed villages of Irumba and Kaseke resulting into killing dozens of people and rooting property.

Alexis Biyicaza ,president of a political party for innovative forces for the union and Congolese democracy told media that today they are fighting . Even now we have learnt about those about who were killed and are going to visit their families.
The militants believed to be heading to the heart of Minembwe.

Media reports indicate Rwanda is backing Congolese rebels to dislodge rebels harbouring dissident General Kayumba Nyamwasa.

Gen Kayumba recently called for dialogue with President Paul Kagame as reports suggest that his rebels have relocated to Ndondo _Bijabo which is close to 250 km from fire point Minembwe.

Hundreds of Banyamulenge continue to flee in hundreds to neighbouring Uganda to escape violence.

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