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Heats and pressure turns to ISO as Kayihura case crumble

by Odongo Christopher

Kale Kayihura

Weeks after detained former police chief General Kale Kayihura raised an alarm against ISO accusing them of trying to fabricate evidence and training witnesses to testify against him, it has emerged that President Yoweri Kaguta Museni has sanctioned a private investigation into the operation of Internal Security Organization (ISO).

The president’s order came after it was established that the audio recording allegedly of Kayihura and Herbert Muhangi which the president relied on to order for the arrests of Kayihura was doctored. In the recording, it is alleged that Kayihura and Muhangi were secretly recorded while planning on the elimination of former AIGP Andrew Kaweesi.

The president ordered for Kayihura arrest immediately after hearing the voice recording which was brought to him by ISO.

It was later established that the voices were assembled from different sound clips and were not authentic.

Museveni upon learning that the evidence brought to him implicating Kayihura was doctored, he immediately ordered for an investigation into ISO to establish their motive and what they would benefit from framing other people. Museveni also ordered the investigation team to established the methods used by ISO to gather intelligence.

Sources within the military said the reason Kayihura has not been charged in court because all evidence gathered and put together by ISO to pin him have been considered weak and could not secure a conviction against Kayihura in Court of law and would expose government weaknesses since the case generated a lot of public interests.

After realizing that there is insufficient evidence to pin Kayihura, there was general panic within the ISO forcing them to raid MTN data center with the hope of establishing Kayihura call data such that they can backup their evidences but this also failed after failing to get anything reasonable from MTN data servers.

ISO boss Col Frank Kaka had to look for another option and ran to the media to parade some suspects who confessed to having worked with Kayihura and opposition leaders to create insecurity in Uganda.

Officials working with ISO are currently under pressure and is hoping that investigation sanctioned by the president exonerate them as they look for all possible means to get concrete evidence implicating Kayihura.

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