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Gun is not the solution to Uganda’s problem- Muhoozi Kainerugaba

Major General Muhoozi

Uganda first son and senior presidential adviser on special operation Major General Muhoozi Kainerugaba has said he doesn’t acquiring guns is not solutions to insecurity.

Muhoozi was giving interview on NTVmen television show hosted by Peter Igaga. He said in his life he came across people who were not mentored properly during their early stage in life who change and become responsible citizens of societies they live in.

He said the best security measure is embrace the ideas of neighborhood watch and make everyone responsible as far as fighting crimes is concerned than to leave the fight against crimes to police alone.

He is also said job creations can help reduce the crimes and unemployed and idle people always tend to become security threats but said it is not the only reason for increasing insecurity in the country.

He encouraged idea of bringing everyone onboard in fight against crimes and added that once community feels not neglected, the crimes drastically reduce.

He asked every citizen to report anything or anyone that looks suspicious. He added that the tendency of relying on vigilante group make the crimes to increase because the vigilante won’t be everywhere.

He encouraged people to always interact with the people around them and know their community members and people should be able to know any new visitors in their areas of locality. Such measures he said can curb crimes since the criminals find it hard to hide.

He also revealed that several people in the country have legally acquired guns after going rigorous vetting by Uganda police.

He added that several illegal guns especially in Karamoja region were taken away from the public with Karajoja region along accounting for close to 40,000 guns.

He assured the citizens that being alert is most important thing but added though self-defense is good, it is not solution to insecurity.

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