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Gun fire rocks Iganga as one robber was gunned down

by James Ateenyi

At least one person has been shot dead in Iganga in Eastern Uganda as police and armed robbers exchanged gun fire forcing people in the town to run for their dear life.

Three armed men yesterday Wednesday descended on warehouse located a long Kaliro Road in Iganga town in which 95m was robbed. When police were informed they swung into action swiftly prompting the robbers to fire at police so as to escape from the scene. Police fired back and in the process one person identified as Tenywa was shot dead. He was among the three men while the other two managed to escape.

The two robbers took off in a car but was overwhelmed by shooting from law enforcers forcing them to flew into the bush and left their car along the road with parts of the robbed money which police managed to recover.
According to police police, the robbers managed to escape with the gun. Residents in the area thanks police for job well done stating that robbery is now very common in the area.

According to an officers who was part of the rescue mission, the robbers managed to escape because of large sugar can plantation which harbour them with escape route. They promised hunting for the two so as to recover the illegal they are using to terrorise people. The body of the deceased is not claimed by the time of filling this story. One of the residents we managed to talk to who witnessed the incident said the warehouse employee were ambushed by robbers as they were taking money to the bank.

Another resident said the robbers camouflaged as customers before carrying out surprise attacks on the employees of the targeted warehouse ordering them to  surrender all the money in their possession. Uganda has been witnessing raising rate of crime rate including women killing and kidnaps.

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