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Guardiola want Liverpool investigated

by Odongo Christopher

Talking about his fresh defeat to Tottenham, the Associated Press reported that Guardiola would like Richard Scudamore to pass comment about the Reds’ success this campaign.
Scudamore was critical of City and the difference between them and the rest of the pack during their back-to-back days, and now Guardiola wants the same rules to apply to Liverpool.

He said: “An owner (Scudamore) from the Premier League said that cannot happen again, so it’s not good for the Premier League (that) City win the title in that way with 100 points. So now it’s Liverpool you have to be concerned, the owner of the Premier League.”

But why is the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss concerning himself with how the league see the Reds in the first place? If he had made these comments after a win, you could possibly see the logic but now they smack of desperation.

There’s no need for Guardiola to call for Scudamore to say anything about how this season is going. City have fallen off a cliff, in respective terms, from their performance of 2018/2019 and that’s because Jurgen Klopp was able to build a relentless winning machine. City heads couldn’t deal with it.

He should be more concerned with how he is going to stop Klopp next season and make the Premier League a two-horse race. These things generally even out over time and you can see this happening here.

Leicester City, too, are in the mix for third place and there is an interesting mini-battle taking place below the two Citys. The Premier League is still competitive, but it does not favors asking for intervention from up top to fight your battles for you.

Guardiola has won five major trophies since taking charge at the Etihad Stadium in 2016, including two Premier League titles, but they have so far been unable to turn domestic dominance into European silverware

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