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Government to jail women for denying their husbands night duty

by Odongo Christopher

Wonders will never cease, while many Ugandans have been analyzing the circumstances surrounding Ziggy Wyne death, the powerful Governor in neighbouring South Sudan is planning a tough law on women.

According to yet to be enacted law, Women who refuse their husbands conjugal rights could be charged for emotional abuse and when found guilty, jailed to a maximum of two years imprisonment or to a fine of 500 penalty units which is equivalent to 80,000 SSP or both.

Jubek State governor, Mr. Augustino Jadalla Wani who made this known has therefore called on husbands to report their wives to the police for the law to deal with them.

Acording to him, the law is also applicable to men who may deny their wives s3x encouraging such emotionally abused women to also lodge complaints with the police.

In the most surprising way, most residents in his territory have expressed their support for the law stating that it will instil discipline within the married couple.

Others however, urged that such case will be hard to prove in court of law since it will be hard to get witnesses to testify against the accused.

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