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Government tear Amama Mbabazi apart over his recent remarks

by James Ateenyi

Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo has come out to deny the statement earlier made by the former Secretary General of National Resistance Movement that he fired because he advised President Museveni to retire from the presidency.

John Patrick Amama Mbabazi made the statement while at Kihihi high school in Kanungu district when he told the congregation that that he advised his former boss to retire and let the young generation to take up the leadership mantle of the country.

“I thank him for his leadership but time comes when you have to retire. So whenever we get political differences in Uganda we become enemies that is not right,” stated Mbabazi during a fundraising drive for the school.

The Director of Media Centre Ofwono Opondo has however, denied the former prime minister allegations saying that it is a total lie.

“I don’t think he was fully thoughtful of what he said; that he was removed simply because he advised President Museveni to retire. That one is a total lie,” Ofwono Opondo said at the Media Centre, adding that if that was the case, then Mbabazi also is no longer young.

“How come that he claims that he was advising President to retire and leave for the young generation yet in the 2016 Presidential Elections he came out also to contest?” Ofwono Opondo asked.

Mbabazi served in different capacities under president Museveni including being Defence Minister for 10 years, security minister, Attorney General among others.

“If he told he told president to retire I challenge him to bring out that letter that he wrote advising President to resign, let him publish it,” Ofwono Opondo dared.

He added that Mbabazi previously stated that he did not have any power and wondered how a powerless person can advise the president.

“Mbabazi claimed throughout his campaign, for example, he run because after all those years with Museveni, he (Museveni) did not have any influence. Now he is saying other things. I think that is why Ugandans did not believe what he was saying,” Ofwono stated.

However, according to Ofwono Opondo, the two politicians are still friends.

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