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Government has gone back to the drawing board over social media tax

by Odongo Christopher

ICT Minister Frank TUmwebaze

Government has revealed that plans is underway to address concerns raised by Ugandans over the newly introduced social media tax.

Social media tax which was introduced in July this year has been retained by government despite the public outcry and complains from various stakeholders including Telecom companies.

The permanent secretary ministry of ICT and national guidance Vincent Bagiire has revealed that discussion is underway with different stakeholders in ministry of Finance and the Uganda Communications Commission with a view of extending the tax period to 24 hours.

Currently the tax expires at midnight regards of time one pays it meaning if someone pays the tax a few minutes to midnight, he will use it for less period of time.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni July said the tax was meant to reduce on rumour mongering and it encourages Ugandans to work other than wasting time on social media.

Several individuals have called on government to scrap the tax but all please fell on deaf ears with government urging that it is a duty of citizens to pay tax.

Right activists have previously condemned the tax calling it a measure  to curtail freedom of expression and speech. They also urged that it is a plot by government to deny the citizens rights to information.

Sections of lawyers said the tax was illegal asking the government to scrap it with immediate effect. Check the story here; Lawyers speaks out on Social media tax.

Various people we talked to especially in the up country have told us that they have abandoned the use of social media because they cannot afford to the tax.

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