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Government brushes off Kyagulanyi effect termed Bobi Wine a mere bubble

by Odongo Christopher

Bobi Wine being taken to Gulu Magistrate Court

The Forum for Democratic Change vice president for Eastern Uganda Proscovia Salam Musumba has called on government to take stern action against the Special Force Command and officers in charge of presidential convoy. Musumba was reacting to incident in Arua which resulted to president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni being stoned by angry mob following the closure of campaign.

Musumba stated that if indeed president Museveni convoy was stoned to the extent of breaking down rear windscreen then its proves that the president is really vulnerable and state house must short it mess.

“Who is in charge of the detail of the routing of the president? The failure starts from state house, to the presidency. The commander of the convoy must be charged with treason.” Musumba said.

Appearing on local television the NBS frontline on Thursday night, Musumba wondered why the government is ignoring the signs indicating that change would come to the country as soon as possible.

“I am very concerned that all the early warning signs are being ignore.” Musumba wondered.

Former army commander General Mugisha Muntu wo was appearing on the same program assured the country that change of power is imminent and would take place very soon. He warned security against acting with impunity and embrace the peaceful that is on its way.

“There’s going to be change and we going are to break off at some point. Security organs should act responsibly in the management of the change that is coming. To ensure that for the first time in our country we have peaceful change of power.” Muntu said.

Government spoke person Ofwono Opondo however dismissed Muntu’s claim urging that Kyadondo East legislator Robert Kyagulanyi popular by his music name Bobi Wine is just empty tin who can not cause panic to the regime.

“I don’t think he (Hon. Kyagulanyi) has the support of the youth. He is just a bubble.” Ofwono lamented.

He further warned the citizens that, the government will take stern action against anyone who try to destabilize the county.

“For those who will want to take to violence the state will remain robust. We take this as a storm. NRM has gone through bigger storms than this.” Ofwono warned.

However, Mao told Ofwono to go slow on defending the country assuring the country that more powerful regimes have also fallen in the past.

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