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Ghetto youth threatens to cane Bobi Wine if he cowardice and abandon the struggle

by James Ateenyi

As several Ugandans are busy looking at how they can afford three meals in a day, majority of Ghetto youth are yearning to see their president on the ballot paper at whatever cost.

To many, 2021 is still far but this is not the case with those who want to strategise early for eventual fall of president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni who ruled the country for the last 3 decades.

We all know that Former Forum for Democratic Change president General Mugisha Muntu is still hustling to recruit 20,000 members according to her new formation General Secretary Alice Alaso but this is not the case for Ghetto president.
Yes the Kyadondo East lawmaker might not be interested in the race or kinda afraid of facing off with the bush war veterans but this doesn’t stop people believing in him from telling him to join the battle (Songa Mbele).

Surprisingly one of Bobi Wine’s fan has openly vowed to beat him like a lizard if he dare depicts cowardice when the time comes to compete with fellow men for the top seat in the country.

A fan who goes by the names of Hasmart Shana Reko in one of the Facebook comment on Bobi Wine page urged the Kyadondo East member of parliament to go for it or face it.

Bobi Wine on several occasions has clearly stated that he is not looking forward to being president of Uganda but rather having and living in a free Uganda.
Well whatever the case, it is wait to be seen how things will be in 2021 which is two years from now.

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