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General Muntu: Why FDC was taking us nowhere

by Odongo Christopher
Mugisha Muntu 

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) party party president General Mugisha Muntu has urged politicians to make politics attractive as the only way to attract credible leaders.

Muntu who is  the current president of yet to be formed political party added that it is upon politicians to attract elites into the politics.

“We must be the difference we want to see,” Muntu said in a twitter session with tweeps.
He added:”Credible people say politics is a dirty game and are unable to join. It is up to us now to make politics attractive to these credible leaders.”

He emphasized that having a clear agenda is a step closer to having a united oppositions stating that he is not in opposition by choice but by condition.

‘Unified as who? ‘Opposition’ isn’t an identity in itself. Anyone can be or cease to be opposition. Before coming together, we must know who are involved. Strong, clearly defined parties (no matter the number) is the 1st step towards finding ways of unifying,” he asserted.

Muntu statement attracted mixed opinions from his followers with many reminding the former army commander that Museveni cannot accept to have a united oppositions.

“Why should you buy many cars that you will never drive yet you can buy one good car that can serve all purposes. My point is why should we have many political parties yet we can merge as one big group to achieve the same goal, remember team work,” Nkabiheebwa Mubangizi‏ a Muntu supporter asked.

Reacting to Nkabiheebwa questions a single car without agreement among the occupants is very dangerous and may lead to accidents.

“We should buy many cars because: a. A single car with everyone inside disagreeing on which route to take will go nowhere b. Many cars, driven at different paces by different people to the same destination will be safer, quicker & more civil,” he said.

He added; One car taking all the passengers to an agreed destination is an easy target. Several cars coordinating their movement, using different routes to arrive at the same destination are much harder to stop. The issue therefore, is cooperation, not singularity.

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