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Gen Gwanga explains next move after being blocked from M7 address

by James Ateenyi

Presidential adviser on Buganda affairs Major Gen Kasirye Gwanga has broken his silence on being blocked from attending the state of nation address on Thursday.

Speaking to info256, Gwanga stated that he is bothered by being bounced from the state of nation address at Serena Conference Centre stressing that it wasn’t a big deal.

The no nonsense retired army general says he is aware of all the security protocols that have to be followed on such an event and he had to respect them.

“I am a retired officer and I understand the protocols,”Kasirye said as he revealed that; “I was stopped from entering because I came late. And it is jam that held me.”

“…..but that’s not a big,” Kasirye said claiming that he missed nothing because he already knew what president Museveni was going to talk about.

“But the next time you call me, let’s talk about agriculture because it is what I am into. Kasirye is a brand that can stand on its own without such stories,” he told us.

“I went there because I was protesting the award of medals to Kayira and his fighters. Kayira attacked Lubiri, he even killed my brother. He was a fool because I found him in the bush without any plan.”

Adding “Kayira led a group of fighters in the early 80s into the bush, he abandoned them as he ran away , I looked for him up to Nairobi and asked him why he took off leaving soldiers standard and that is when Gen. Saleh (Salim) got chance to get guns from his fighters”.

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