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Former leader opposition Winnie Kiiza survive assassinations plot

by James Ateenyi

Kasese woman member of parliament Hon Winnie Kiiza home in Kasese has been surrounded by unknown gunmen the MP revealed.

According to Kiiza, the gun men surrounded her home with aim of killing her her husband who was not at the home during the Friday raid.

“Hi family. Please pray for me and my family. On Friday night two armed men spent the night in my compound in Kasese, waiting for my husband to come home and they shoot him. Some friend of ours tiped us and he did not go home that Friday night.” Kiiza said.

The former leader of Opposition in parliament revealed that the gun men came back on Saturday with the same mission after failing on Friday.

“As I am posting this message, again, nine armed men in millitary uniform have sorrounded our house again in Kiburara Kasese. All of them armed to the teeth with machine guns and RPGs,” Kiiza added.

She continues that her Kampala home also suffered similar fate in the last few weeks adding that the family is now living in fear.

“This kind of situation has been around my Kampala residence too in the last few weeks. Whoever they are after, God is watching. And whoever is in charge of this scheme, it must be put on record that I and my family are Ugandan citizens who are entitled to all citizenry rights.” she stated.

She added “I don’t know whether my husband will be alive by morning.Keep praying. In God we trust. We pray that the devil is ashamed in his whole scheme. God night.”

Kiiza became the latest member of parliament to express fear of trail after four other members of parliament stated the same.

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