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Former Firebase Vice President Butcherman exposes Bobi Wine lies

by James Ateenyi

Former Vice president of Ghetto president Butcherman who had bitter split with Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu has once again made attacking remarks on the vocal legislator.

Butcherman came out to criticised the media for glorifying Bobi Wine for nothing during the rescue operation of the victims of the ill fated boat that sank on Lake Victoria during the tragic Lake Victoria accident on Saturday evening.

The former Firebase vice president stated that he has not see any positive work Bobi Wine has done during to help the nation and the people of Uganda leave alone his constituency.

Buchaman added that the legislator has enrolled some bloggers and media on his payroll with sole objective of spreading false news about his involvement in the rescue mission.

“I know Bobi Wine, he will do anything to stay relevant, I was reading fake stories that his boats rescued Ugandans from the lake yet that’s a lie, I want someone to upload a photo of Bobi Wine’s boat at that venue, those stories are fabricated” said Buchaman.

He added that Ugandans should ignore Bobi Wine propaganda and concentrate on something else because Bobi Wine is just attention seeker.

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