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Former FDC EC boss revealed the hardship of working with Besigye

by James Ateenyi

Former Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Electoral Commission (EC) boss Mr. Dan Mugarura has come out to explain his decision to quit largest opposition Political Party.

Mugarura who said he is one of the founding members of the New Formation party Alliance for National Transition which is led by former FDC president Gen. Mugisha Muntu.

Muntu faced a number of challenges especially after being resisted by party members who subscribe to activism as a way to cause regime change in Uganda.

The clique, is attached to the FDC founder and a four-time Presidential candidate, Col. Kizza Besigye who is now the leader of Peoples Government pressure group.

Dan Mugarura who served as the electoral boss before, during Muntu’s term as president, has explained the trouble one faces when he/she chooses to differ with Besigye’s activism.

“You will be called a mole, you will be seen as an impediment,” he told this website after we interrogated him why he chose to quit the party he has served for over a decade.

Mugarura, denied quitting FDC but rather said, “it is called a shift. I didn’t quit.”

He clarified that, he joined Mugisha Muntu’s new formation because he believes in a gradual process of acquiring power through building capacity, not politics of the street and aggression.

“At this age, I shouldn’t be seen engaging security on streets. I should utilize this time to build structures and do enough mobilization by sensitizing the public about the shortfalls and bad governance of the current government,” he expounded.

Mugarura unlike Besigye’s wing believes opposition will not take power as soon as many believe, but, “it is a process. It might take years but once you have a strong ground, you will take power.”

Mugarura was once accused of rigging election for Muntu in 2012 when Nandala Mafabi lost in a fierce contest.

Mafabi is a top subscriber of radicalism.

“When you disagree with them, you are automatically called a mole,” Mugarura said.

He narrated the ordeal when government clamped down his businesses when he joined FDC but he had to sacrifice in a fight for good governance.

He concluded that since the moles have left FDC, it is an opportunity for Besigye and his followers to organize their house and take power.

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