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Former body guard gives Museveni 15 days ultimatum

by James Ateenyi

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has been given 15 days to address key concerns affecting Ugandans or face the consequence.

The warning was given by Christopher Aine, the former body guard of Go forward presidential candidate John Patrick Amama Mbabazi.

Aine issued the warning through a video recording which was released on Saturday afternoon.

Aine in 2016 presidential election was the talk of the town when he was recorded thumping NRM supporters in Ntungamo district.

Aine claims that he is owning the little known political grouping called ‘Rise for Peace Africa’.

His latest video, accompanied with a strongly worded two page missive, shows the man remains bitter and disappointed as ever. Introducing himself as National Coordinator for “Rise for Peace Africa,” a pressure group concerned with governance issues in Uganda, Aine lists several grievances his members have against Museveni’s government.

He says his latest rant is provoked by Museveni’s less than satisfactory State of the Nation address which he says created more questions than answers.

He blasted the government of promoting corruption, sectarianism and other vices which he now wants Museveni to sort out in just fifteen days.

Aine also speaks about Mafiarism and wonders why it’s what everybody powerlessly talks about without the head of state doing anything. He claims many of the wrongdoers are well known and untouchable because they are connected to the President and his brother Gen Salim Saleh.

He says Ugandans can’t continue looking on when Mafia group members go on killing and grabbing public land and forests without facing any consequences. He cites the Kwagalana Group some of whose members he says are known mafias.

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