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Former Amama Mbabazi bodyguard staged armed protests

by Odongo Christopher

There was commotion in Kampala city center on Wednesday morning when Christopher Aine, the former bodyguard of the ex-prime minister, Amama Mbabazi staged a protest over being jobless.

Aine, who was accompanied with two others, was holding a sharp knife, saying he is unable to fend for his life. Police swung into action and grabbed Aine who shouted that his parents and relatives died because of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

“Our parents died, our parents were killed to bring this regime into power yet Museveni is not letting go, and we’re not benefitting from this regime. [Police] officers get out of here. We need a change of this regime.” he shouted.

Aine’s other two colleagues accused government of corruption, saying Museveni is surrounded by mafias. They said they are leaders for peace and are launching their campaign for regime change.

“Nothing is done about corruption, it is a matter of parading people because we know…the people who are taking money, most of them are from the first family. Saleh[Museveni’s brother] is the head of the mafias, most of the people sitting around him are the people swindling money from the government, from government agencies. Enough is enough. We, the leaders of rise for peace we’re launching our revolution today and we’re saying enough is enough.” said Aine.

Kampala police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango, said preliminary investigations show that three took to the streets because of money. Onyango said, Aine and his colleagues have been seeing ‘other’ he did not mention getting money from the state and that they are also trying to draw the attention of government so they can be paid.

Museveni and his NRM party have been on an over-drive recruitment exercise of all and sundry previously considered as members or sympathizers of the opposition. Some, like Full Figure, Buchaman have been rewarded with advisory posts, new vehicles, money and bodyguards.

Aine and his colleagues were arrested from Constitutional Square and taken to Kampala Central police station. Onyango cautioned the public against staging unlawful protests, saying must channel their grievances using appropriate procedures.

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