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Fishermen hid my father’s body for money, says MP

by James Ateenyi

“The bad thing with accidents on water is that there are few experts in diving and swimming. They use that
opportunity to reap money from the tragedy like that which befell the country over the weekend,” Busujju County MP
David Lukyamuzi Kalwanga said yesterday.

Kalwanga was addressing mourners who had gathered to pay their last respects to his father, Yoweri Musumba, who perished in the boat accident that occurred on Lake Victoria over the weekend. The legislator revealed that during the exercise of retrieving the bodies of the victims, there were fishermen who got bodies from the boat and tied them on
the rocks in water.

He said the group pretended that they had been defeated in the search in order to be paid.

“I reached Mutima Beach on Saturday night, but we looked for our father’s body to no avail, until late Sunday afternoon, when one fisherman approached me and said that he could help retrieve the body at a cost,” he narrated.

Kalwanga also revealed that the men only needed to know what the deceased was wearing. Surprisingly, within minutes, bodies would be retrieved. “I gave him sh100,000 and within 30 minutes, I had received my father’s body,” he said.

He said it was sad to see people in trying moments yet others are reaping money over their sadness. “It was not only
the loss to us the relatives, but to the nation at large,” he said.

Kalwanga urged Ugandans to sympathise with the grieving families in their trying moments of the death of their beloved
ones, as death reckons without notice. The funeral service to celebrate the life of Musumba was held at St. Stephen’s Church Kabowa, in Kampala, yesterday.

A total of 32 bodies were recovered from the lake by Sunday and one yesterday; 27 people were rescued by mainly civilians near Mutima Beach in Mpatta sub-county, Mukono district. Hundreds of mourners thronged the church to pay their last respects to the fallen city businessman.


Imelda Musumba described her late husband as a loving father who cared for his family, the church and the country.

“I thank God for the life of Musumba and the time we have spent together. He has been a good friend and Christian who lived an exemplary life,” she said.

Steven Magera, the commissioner in charge tax collection at Uganda Revenue Authority, described the fallen city tycoon as a good citizen who paid all his taxes on time. Musumba was born in 1971 to Ssalongo Daudi Ssebutulo and Nalongo Dorotiya Ssebutulo in Nawanjiri village, Mityana district.

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