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Finance ministry sends Otafiire to Cabinet for funds

by James Ateenyi

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs General Kahinda Otafiire has been told to rush to cabinet should he wants any funds allocated to his ministry.

The directives from the Finance ministry comes days after Otafiire revealed vthat his ministry seeks about Shs13.5bn to conduct the long waited Constitutional Review process and table the proposed electoral reforms in time.

The reforms was recommended by the Supreme Court in March 2016 during ruling of Amama Mbabazi petition which challenge reelection of president Museveni during 2016 presidential election.

On Thursday, Ministry of Finance’s Deputy Permanent Secretary/Secretary to the Treasury Patrick Ocailap, noted that it’s the responsibility of Cabinet to allocate fund to Otafiire but not Ministry of Finance.

“Our work is to consolidate funds from all government treasuries and then distribute them to all ministries and authorities as directed by the cabinet meetings. Gen Otafiire should know how things work he is always in cabinet meetings, let him ask his fellow ministers and allocate him that money and we shall release it,” said Ocailap told Watchdog Uganda on Thursday.

“I want Otafiire to know it from today that constitutionally, Ministry of Finance distributes and consolidates funds but we don’t allocate. So we distribute these funds as per the orders of the Cabinet. If he puts the blame on us it’s very shameful, but I urge him to defend himself without blackmailing Ministry of Finance because we do everything under their orders.”

He added, “Let him ask the Cabinet to allocate him money and see whether we shall not release that it in.”

He add all all ministries and government authorities have already received their last batch which makes it 100 per cent release of this Financial Year

“We have released a total of Shs5 trillion for government expenditure. Out of this Shs274.1bn has been provided to Uganda National Road’s Authority making a total of Shs 1.61 trillion, this is 100 per cent release to UNRA to cater for certificates under road constructions.” He said.

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