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Finally, Court releases a student who was jailed for expressing his Love

by James Ateenyi
Brian isiko in court

Brian isiko in courtYou all remember the Romeo guy who was imprisoned for expressing his love to Kabarole Woman Member of Parliament, Sylivia Rwabwogo. Most of you expressed your concerns how expressing love can be regarded as Cyber Harassment and thus landing you to jail.

The good news is that,  Romeo in the story Brian Isiko was released on court bond today morning by High Court judge Jane Francis Abodo , this came into effect after the court was conviced that the applicant would honor the court bail terms.

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The two surentie who stood up to defend and secure a bond for Isiko were UPDF reserve commander and a lecturer at Kyambogo University who in their respective titles promised to enforce the terms on  Brian Isiko.

Some of the two hard terms which were set by the court included the payment of 500,000 shs in cash by Isiko and other being payment of 10,000,000(10 million) by the two sureties each paying only 5 millions before Brian is to be released by court.

Brian Isiko was also ordained by the court judge not to contact the victim ( Sylivia Rwabogo) and also to appear before the court on every third Friday of the month effective 17th August.


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