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Fear grips residents as seven men are kidnapped in one day

by James Ateenyi

Fears engulfed residents of Katosi after seven men in Katosi Taxi Park in Mukono District were arrested.

The arrests was carried out on Friday by three operatives suspected to be from from the Internal Security Organisation.

The operations was commanded by some who was recognized by residents as only Hajj Musa who residents.

Among those arrested included: Dan Lubanga, Edward Nsanzi, Edward Lyazzi, Solomon Lusabaga, Tonny Sserwada and Godfrey Kitenda.

Several people who spoke to this website including relatives and friends of the arrested people who witnessed all this believed Hajji Musa was all along a spy.

Mr. Derrick Kato, one of the witnesses, said: “Three men came out of the car and ordered everyone not to get up.”

He said that whoever was being pointed at was manhandled into the car and three of them who were pointed at were handcuffed.

On completion of mission, the men sped off as they left while some of the people in the park tried following them to know where they were taking their friends.

The chairperson of Katosi Mr. Siperito Kasumba said: “I am aware of what happened.”

He said that he was at a burial when all this happened. He came back and was told of what happened at his absence.

He asked for government intervention and ensure proper justice by allowing the relatives access to their loved ones.

Ms. Robina Nabangala, said: ” I am scared and in fear of sleeping in the house alone because I don’t know whether these men will come back and arrest me.”

We contacted police for comment, they informed us that they have no idea about the matter.

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