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FDC Wafula Ogutu exposes Winie Kiiza lies

by James Ateenyi

Former Leader of Opposition in parliament Philip Wafula Ogutu has blasted his successor Winifred Kiiza for openly telling lies against Forum for Democratic Change party.

Ogutu in his response to Kiiza interview said his response was in order to defend his own political party against open lies being spread by new formation members.

Below is Ogutu response to Kiiza

Why would a hitherto respected national political leader want to prove that politics is really a dirty game? To serve what ?
I am a villager these days and I have just read a Face to Face interview of Hon Winnie Kiiza in Sunday Monitor of November 4, 2018.

In the interview, Winnie openly lies to the readers that FDC Accounts are audited by a firm belonging to our Secretary General Hon. Nathan Nandala-Mafabi! That Nathan as the chief executive audits himself!

It is true that in the first three years of FDC life his firm assisted in auditing the books. But that was stopped immediately when the Electoral Commission pointed out a possible conflict of interest. That was over ten years ago.

Winnie has been sitting and still sits on all the highest organs of the Party where audited accounts are discussed before submission to the National Delegates Conference and to the Electoral Commission.

She knows that FDC is one the few Parties in Uganda which are ever up to date in submitting audited accounts to the EC since its inception.
Winnie also knows how the Party money that was remitted by Parliament “by accident “to Kasese her home District ,for several months ,was used.

Equally,she knows how the money (about Shs.100m)she borrowed as a person (on authority and on behalf of FDC) was expended.
Simple things need simple answers. Period .
I have been forced to clarify as a concerned member ,in defense of my Party because her lies are very damaging to the good standing of other leaders of FDC.

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