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FDC supporters informed on how to deal with Bobi Wine

by James Ateenyi

Forum for Democratic Change party president Patrick Amoriat Oboi has asked FDC supporters to refrain from attacking Bobi Wine.

Oboi made the remarks following the recent attacks on Former presidential chandidate Dr Kizza Besigye during DP bloc MoU signing agreement at hotel Africana.

The attack particularly by Kyadondo East member of parliament Robert Kyagulanyi has resulted into social media exchange between FDC and other opposition supporters.

In what is seen as away to ease the tension between opposition supporters, Oboi had this to say;

Fellow comrades in the struggle ignore any form of insults on the FDC party and Peoples President that has happened recently from the DP Bloc inauguration. Those unprovoked outbursts are not worth our response regardless of whether they come from People Power, DP, or DP Bloc, political failures and/or novices, paid agents of the tormentor, it doesn’t matter.

While these characters continue provoking us into time wasting arguments we must hit the ground running. Let’s do what we are best known for, mobilizing outside boardrooms, to win any form of struggle, as we’ve done before.

Our urgent business now is doing away with the rotten dictatorship and freeing our people now in bondage, offering a transition to Ugandans and re Engineering the entire fabric of our society.

Those who choose to indulge in negative energy will never succeed at all, FDC is too big to be shaken by mere unconvincing criticism. We will keep our eyes on the ball and not pay attention to spoilers and paid groups working for the regime in power to try and derail the struggle.

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