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FDC in crucial win as trounced people power in tears

by James Ateenyi

Forum for Democratic Change Noowe Johnson won the Gulu University Guild Presidential race after flooring other 4 candidates in the highly competitive race.

Noowe won with 1400votes followed by NRM’s Oyet Samuel Agwan with 800votes, The People Power platform candidate Mr. Ntambaazi Imran trailed with 300votes , Mr. Okidi Alexander the DP leaning candidate with 150votes and Mr. Etyaka Emmanuel with 105votes.

Mr. Noowe Johnson was declared winner on Saturday night by the Gulu University students Electoral commission returning officer.

He is succeeding Mr. Mbaziira Joseph the outgoing Guild President who also subscribe to the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) Party.

FDC youth league sent a congratulation message upon receiving the good news from Gulu.

“On my own behalf and on behalf of FDC National Youth League, congratulate Mr. Noowe Johnson upon winning and retaining the Guild Presidency of Gulu for FDC,” Mulindwa Walid Lubeega, FDC youth league chairperson said.

He added: “Special thanks to the FDC chapter leadership of Gulu University, The campaign Taskforce, the Party leadership in Gulu District branch, the leader of opposition in Parliament who also doubles as the Gulu District Woman MP Rt. Hon. Betty Aol Ochan, the FDC Party led by Party President Hon. Eng.Patrick Amuriat Oboi among others who have contributed immensely towards Noowe’s victory. We are grateful to the students of Gulu University for voting Noowe Johnson and FDC.”

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