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Facebook to ban bogus and inciting posts

by James Ateenyi

Social media network Facebook has said they have installed software on its site that will automatically remove bogus posts on its website. We website said it working tirelessly to make the website safe and secure. The new platform was rolled out on Wednesday and has been tested in Sri Lanka.

Any posts that have intensions of inciting people, abusive will be detected and removed out of the platform. The new development was as a result of Facebook coming under attack especially from governments across the world for failing to control abusive and inciting information on the platforms. The implementation of the new policy is expected in few months to come whereby all misleading contents including fake photos will be removed.

Facebook said it will be working in partnership with local organizations and authorities to scrutinized all posts shared.

Facebook is said to be having 1 billion users world wide making it the world leading social network and one of the fastest growing company in the world. It was accused many governments especially in Africa for fueling hate speech and being used for mobilization of wrong groups. In Uganda Facebook was blocked during 2016 general elections for fear of being used by dissatisfied sections of population to mobilize masses against the governments. Several countries in the world like China and Ethiopia have blocked access to Facebook.

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