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Exposed: NRM team recruited to spy on opposition social media activists unmasked

by James Ateenyi

The ruling National Resistance Movement has unleashed a team of of social media activists in a move to counter the threat of oppositions social media activists who have been giving the government sleepless nights.

Sources within the ruling party told us on condition of anonymity that the move to recruit social media activists followed a persistent attack from opposition supporters to ruling party.

“The social media has become too hostile there is need to counter it,” a source within the ruling party told us adding that many are expected to be recruited in near future.

Some of the Bazukulu social media team goes by the names of Halima Kiberu, Nac Mic, Waiswa Charles Omulongo, Masolo Godfrey, Jimmy Wickliff, Okello David among others.

The development has however, attracted criticism from opposition supporters who accuse the ruling government of using tax payers money for party funding.

“These are some of the social media recruits trained to disorganise People Power supporters. Do not pay attention to anyone telling you how your political affiliation should be. It is your right to support a political group, that you yourself feels will respect your freedoms /rights & deliver the services that you are entitled to. Ignore these dimwits and everything that concerns them. We know them, we are watching them and they will answer for their evil deeds when the time comes,” an opposition member from People Power Movement said.

It is indicated that the group is well facilitated and funded by the party so that they don’t get distracted by opponents members especially the People Power Movement camp.

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