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Exposed: How Ugandans are being sold as slave in Middle East

by James Ateenyi

Here is Ms.Karungi, Proprietor of Marphie International. A company located in Kigoowa Ntinda that transacts in Modern-day slavery.
She is a wife to a Commissioner Of Police.

News coming in is of a one Doreen Gandhi Magezi who was sold by her company into slavery in Jordan at £3,000. Doreen, like any other unemployed Ugandan sought to go overseas for employment and through Marphie International Company she was taken to Jordan. On arrival, she was lined up in a row and sold to the highest bidder at £3,000.
At her new work place, like any worker Doreen realized she couldn’t comprehend the work load and requested to be relieved or returned home BUT her request was denied.

Doreen, a mother of 5 children thought she would go abroad and secure a future for her children considering the lack of opportunities in Uganda today but may lose her life as her masters are demanding a refund before she is released.

Mukono municipality member of parliament Betty Nambooze Bakireke has been approached by members of Doreen’s family for intervention as their area MP and she has already lodged this matter with Parliament. She will address the press on Wednesday morning at 10:00am where she will reveal more on the slave trade racket, it’s masterminds and details of the victims.

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