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Excitement in FDC and NRM as Besigye launches new political campaign in western Uganda

by Odongo Christopher
Dr Kizza Besigye 

Former Forum for Democratic Change party president Dr Kizza Besigye launches SAVE OUR PLANET UGANDA initiative campaign in Rubanda district, at the burial of Ms. Celinah Murumba, a staunch FDC supporter and leader in Rubanda district.

The campaign, initiated by FDC NEC and approved by National Council, is to start a nation wide tree planting campaign called GREENING UGANDA, where FDC leaders all over the country will be planting trees- for food (fruits) and natural importance.

At burials, the initiative will replace the modern practice of buying wreaths which are laid on the casket during funeral services. While sending off departed FDC leaders, members and supporters, mourners are encouraged to buy fruit trees seedlings like mangoes, ovacados, guavas, oranges, lemon etc to plant as LEGACY TREES, in eternal memorial of the departed.

The fruits will provide food for the bereaved long after the deceased is departed and will also, provide a shade to people who will visit the family once trees have grown.

“Instead of buying a wreath of, say 50,000, they can buy a fruit tree seedling of 3,000shs, and then use the balance to put in an envelope to support the family’s immediate needs, especially where the deceased was a bread winner,” Ronald Muhinda, Besigye aide said.

The idea, according to FDC, creates a lasting impact and builds enduring bonds between the bereaved and those who attended the funeral. Flowers weather but fruit trees will feed the bereaved for many years to come.

At the burial of Celinah Murumba, Kizza Besigye laid on the casket 20 fruit tree seedlings of Mangoes, Ovacado, mangada and oranges that were all planted at the home of Celinah after burial and put 1M in envelope to support the needs of Murumba ‘s four orphans. This was on top of condolence message earlier given to the family to support in burial expenses.

Several mourners including NRM leaders put money in the envelope which will be used to pay fees for children. Fees was identified as the immediate need.

Rubanda District Chairman Jogo Kenneth Biryabarema (NRM) who put 50,000shs in the enveloped lauded FDC for initiative. “Our political differences not withstanding, we must thank FDC for always standing by its members in need. If something is good, we should say so and much as we should condemn something which is bad. This is a good initiative from FDC,” Biryabarema told mourners.

In the envelope, Rwampara County MP Charles Ngabirano (NRM) put 40,000shs while Rubanda District Woman MP Prossy Akampurira put 200,000shs. She also thanked FDC for the “great initiative.

“Before planting, the priest prayed for the exercise and thanked FDC for “being an exemplary political party.”

Other FDC leaders who planted trees include Secretary for Mobilisation Ingrid Turinawe, Deputy Secretary General (Research) Joseph Tindyebwa, Former Mayor Kabale Pius Ruhemurana, former candidate for Rubanda Woman MP Vastina Katushabe (sister in law of the deceased), Chairperson LC3 Central Division (Kabale) Mackline Batware and several FDC leaders from Kabale and Rubanda districts.

Celinah Murumba has been laid to rest at Nyakatugunda, next to her husband Wilfred Murumba, who passed away in 2015!

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