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Entebbe DPC survived being lynched by angry Bobi Wine supporters

by James Ateenyi

It has been a critical moment when Boba-Boda cyclists in Entebbe, division B register for the next elections on June 28.

The tight competition has been between Saidi Katunguka and Ssegirinya Sulaiman.

When current chairperson Mr. Saidi Katunguka wanted to make the drive in Entebbe town, the OC refused him something which made them almost fight.

The situation continued to become worse when the supporters of both Saidi and Ssegirinya started urging to each other.

The OC Mwesigwa saw that this was beyond his control and he called the LDUs and Police to make the situation calm.

The registration went ahead after chasing away supporters of both sides under very tight security.

Saidi Katunguka the current chairperson says what made them get annoyed is the OC refusing them to make the drive in town and he had accepted Ssegirinyas’ side.

He also adds, if Division B councilors attempt to come during elections, it will be shading blood so he advised them not to come.

Ssegirinya Sulaiman the opponent to Saidi says that the system of corruption that is within boda-boda in Entebbe will be solved after him being elected Boda-Boda chairperson Entebbe, division B.

He accused the former leadership of being supporters of People Power whom he accused of being rowdy and trouble makers.

Speaking to info256, OC Mwesigwa said the group that attacked him very shouting People Power slogan and singing Tuyambala engule song

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