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Elvis Mbonye predict the next UK PM, foretold Uganda next IGP

by James Ateenyi

Pastor Elvis Mbonye has come out to prophesize who will be the next Prime Minister of United Kingdom a day after Theresa May resigned.

According to Mbonye who credit himself for several correct prophecy in the past, Boris Johnson will be the next UK Prime Minister.

Elvis Mbonye ,on December 31 night said that Mr Johnson, 54, a former foreign secretary will replace premier Theresa May, in the forthcoming UK elections.

Mbonye, whose followers say he has predicted Oscar winners as well as other world events, says God showed him Boris Johnson getting massive people endorsement, in the race for United Kingdom’s top political office.

Mbonye who sounded unfamiliar with Boris, read from his notes, a name he says was in his “vision”.

“I went to the UK. There is something I began to see. It was something new that was brewing…about the politics and leadership of that country. It turned out into something that is symbolic. I saw men and women running, and I could tell they were leaders of that country… As they were running, one man was being cheered on. The name is Boris Johnson.”

Mbonye says, the leadership of Britain will change this year and Boris Johnson, the champion of Brexit, would rise to power.

He said there were people from all walking of life supporting him, not just his party. Mr Boris is a member of the conservative party.

“He was being cheered on by people from different walks of life. Something like a coalition,” preacher added, in a recording info256 has in its possession.

Mbonye however, warned that UK would also suffer a massive hack into its banking sector whose effects would spread across the world.

Riots in China

The Ugandan preacher also foretold doom for China. He said the rising dragon was going to suffer recession which will prompt massive riots across the country.

“I looked and saw the nation of China. I thought China was a nation on the rise. I perceived however a nation that is about to experience recession. People took to the streets and rioted against the current established. I said I don’t care about what is happening to China.”

China has enjoyed great economic success in the past decade.

Uganda police woman to rise to the top

Mbonye also told admiring crowds that a Ugandan police woman will rise to great prominence in 2019.

Mbonye who has been under lots of criticism for talking about issues far away from Uganda such as Oscars, told his followers that he has not been forthcoming in prophesying about Uganda because Ugandans have been indifferent to his words.

“There is a lady in this nation. A lady in police I see shall emerge to prominence,” Mbonye told his cheering audience.

“There shall be a lot of talk about her. After I have exalted her, I shall shake the foundation. For what I am doing has already started,” Mbonye said, before ending his session on prophecies.

It was not clear whether the preacher meant the police woman would rise in police ranks, or, she would rise in another sphere.

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