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Muntu camp left stranded as Electoral Commission ordered not to register his new party

by James Ateenyi

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has directed Electoral Commission not to register or allow new political parties causing divisions within the EC Commissioners

Sources within the EC told us that the presidential directive has divided the commission board on whether to enforce the president’s directive or follow the law.

It said that several meetings were held to forge a way forward but no conclusive outcome was realised with members failing to reach consensus.

The source added that some members of commissioners agree with the directive while others headed by electoral commission Justice Byabakama want the directive ignored arguing it is against the constitution.

“We still have a lot to do for the country and therefore we can’t do such an open error which we won’t defend, “A source quoted one of the commissioners as narrating.

This comes after a new political party in the offing is set to be registered by a section of opposition leaders led by Gen Mugisha Muntu.
Muntu, former president of Uganda’s main opposition party Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) quit to form another political party.
Muntu, who earlier lost the FDC presidency to Patrick Oboi Amuriat, said more details will be shared on October 27.

Muntu who was army commander for nine years believes he can only be on the ballot if he form his own political party since he sees no chance in running for top position in land while still in FDC after losing the party president to little known Patrick Amoriat Oboi.

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