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Elders, Bebe Cool father Bidandi Sali advised Bobi Wine

by Odongo Christopher

Uganda People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Jabeli Bidandi Ssali has advised Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the People Power leader and Kyadondo East legislator, to brace for tough times ahead of the 2021 general election, in which he hopes to contest against President Yoweri Museveni.

Bidandi said these after reading the Seven Points program laid out by Bobi Wine in attempts to oust Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

He said, Museveni is not like former president Dr. Milton Obote, who undermined the youth of that time by calling them ‘Lumpens’ yet in the end they overthrew his government.

“Museveni does not underestimate his political opponents. If Museveni was underestimating Hon Kyagulanyi; would he give out money to the youths anyhow? He knows that Kyagulanyi’s strength is in the youths. Museveni cannot do Obote’s mistake. Obote’s greatest mistake was to underestimate Museveni. In politics the moment you underestimate your opponents, you’re finished. Politics is a different thing; the more you underestimate your opponent the more you motivate him and the more you encourage him to prove you wrong. Now the reason why Hon. Kyagulanyi has become strong is that the people around Museveni underestimate him. And he seems to be calculative because of the advantage he has; he does not focus on the people who underestimate him. A person who has big dreams does not have time for people who discourage him. Kyagulanyi will become a serious threat in 2021 if all Opposition parties back him”. he said

Bidandi, a former minister in Museni’s government, urged Bobi Wine and his clout of youths to be organized, work with elders and middle-age great thinkers and allies which will help them to capture power.

He advised People Power Youths to be wise enough and read a lot of President Museveni tactics, because that’s when they will get opportunities to defeat him in an election.

He warned them that ‘Cunning Museveni cannot be defeated by disorganized, greedy and undisciplined Youths; on grounds that he has money, army and all other state resources.” But that if organized, the youths can all vote against Museveni and then win power.

On the issue of his son Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool, who supports president Museveni Bidandi revealed that it was his choice to support any Ugandan because he is mature enough to do what he wants.

The elderly message was given to Bobi Wine is one the many he has received in the last couple of month. Justice Kanyeihamba and Amanya Mushega were among other elders who gave Bobi Wine message of encouragement.

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