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Eight artists vows to contest for MP seats come 2021

by James Ateenyi

Eight musicians who entertained fans at Kyarenga concert on November 10 have expressed their desire to contest for member of parliament seat in upcoming general elections against the ruling National Resistance Movement candidate.

The concert was graced by several artists and attracted hundreds of supporters who turned up at Bobi Wine’s One Love Beach in Busabala.

Several artists including Geoffrey Lutaya, Dr Hilderman, Ronald Mayinja, Mathias Walukaga and Bukedde Tv presenter Flavia Namulindwa announced that they would join politics come 2021 just like Bobi Wine.

Lutaya declared before a mammoth crowd that he was to contest for Kakuto County MP seat while his former bandmate, Ronald Mayinja, is to contest for Gomba East MP seat.

Namulindwa will also be competing for Gomba East constituency but for Woman member of parliament.

Mathias Walukaga declared his interest in Masaka while Dr Hilderman real name Hillary Kiyaga is to contest for Mawokota.

The Kyarenga music concert was attended by an estimated 40,000 people, the highest number for a show by Ugandan standards so far.

“I thank Uganda police for providing us with security and not stopping us as they have always done,” Bobi Wine told the cheering crowd while performing.

He added: “We are a peaceful people but we want to be listened to. With such support it will be foolish of government and the leadership not to listen to the voices calling for change of leadership.”

The crowd that included men, women, youth, and old men cheered and sang highly politicized lyrics championing social justice and ridiculing corruption. There was also a large security presence around the venue but few police officers or soldiers inside.

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