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Drama as police blocks investors from launching a chopper

by Odongo Christopher

The helicopter operates on a fixed senke motorcycle engine with iron sheet blades.

The OC police says the whole project is a suicide” citing that it doesn’t have any capabilities to be called a helicopter. The OC police asserts that the nuts of the rotter blade are not fixed well ” I had to run away when they started the engine, I told people to run because the blades may get off and chop our heads” the OC police narrated.

How can mudyadya a primary two drop out and Baluku who even can’t write his name make a chopper.

However residents were very ready to witness the Dream of seeing kasese ever self made helicopter fly at ndongo SDA playground.

According to kadyadya and Baluku, the company is going to employ many people, easen transport as the helicopter will be very affordable. Also they said that government will no longer waste tax payers money on purchasing planes because Uganda will be manufacturing its own.

The Engineer has however, accused police of being ignorant of the project urging that the chopper is safe and is a step forward in reducing aviation cost in Uganda.

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