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Drama as people power supporters overpowered police, suspects rescued

by James Ateenyi

Police Tuesday fired live bullets to disperse a group of people in Gulu town blocked the detention of Bosmic Otim, a People Power Movement mobilizer.

Bosmic a prominent Northern Ugands artist had organised a rally at Gulu Main Market t in Gulu Municipality.

As Mr Otim and a team of seven university students under the People Power Northern Uganda Chapter were addressing hundreds of people who included market vendors at Gulu main market, police officers showed up and ordered them to disperse.

The team clad in red and black overalls, bandanas and berets defied the orders.

Police officers arrested him and ordered him to move to a waiting police pick-up truck.The action triggered protests from Gulu town residents and market vendors who started throwing various objects at police officers.

Police responded by firing live bullets in the air as some security operatives confiscated a public address system that was being used at the rally.
They eventually overwhelmed police and rescued him.

In the ensuing stampede, Mr Otim sustained a wound on the head and he was rushed to a clinic for medical attention.

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